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Develop a well-defined schedule for your project

Maximise collaboration and efficiency with an intuitive master schedule solution that seamlessly integrates real-time on-site progress pulls 

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Screenshot 2024-02-01 at 16.50.24
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Transform your work with Plan & Goal module

Enhance time management, optimise project workflows and get valuable information for decision-making.

Visualise it your way

Map View

Visualise where your tasks are located using geolocation-based app features to monitor all details within the assigned locations in your project.

Map View Goal Module.png


Critical Path


It helps you to identify the most time-critical tasks and allows you to focus your efforts on ensuring timely completion, minimising delays and ensuring project deadlines are met.

Critical Path
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Screenshot 2023-05-25 at 15.30.45.png

Customise your view

Enhance your visibility and make data-driven decisions by easily toggling project data on and off, empowering you to have a clear understanding of your project status.

Try WayLoader for free

Streamline your projects with WayLoader, the ultimate project management tool.

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