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Deliver your tasks
with real-time progress updates, collaboration and
resource management


Streamline your project management 

Track delays, constraints and close your tasks

Unique geolocation-based technology to empower your projects operations
Take your team's productivity to the next level by leveraging Lean Principles to create optimized tasks
Customised views of your flow by using Map, Timeline, List, Kanban and Stack view

Real time updates of your team's progress with constraints and blockers Management

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Plan module uses the Lean Project Management approach to streamline the flow of your tasks. By assigning resources and materials to tasks in advance, you can ensure that your team is prepared to complete the work as efficiently as possible. Monitoring progress in real-time allows you to address contraints and delays that arise quickly and efficiently, minimizing delays and ensuring that your project stays on track. In addition, a lifecycle approval process ensures that quality standards are met.

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