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Goal Module
What s Goal module

Goal Module


Welcome to the Goal module! 

WayLoader is always on your side when it comes to helping you achieve your project goals in the most efficient way possible allowing you to reduce project risk and meet deadlines. 

Goal is a planning module which focuses on the schedule of a project delivery. It is one of the licensed applications in the WayLoader software suite, serving as a powerful tool that can operate as a standalone module or in conjunction with other modules within the suite.

Goal is most commonly paired with the Plan module due to the “hooking” functionality of tasks between the two modules. By seamlessly integrating with other WayLoader modules, the Goal module enables enhanced data sharing and functionality, leading to a more comprehensive and streamlined business process.


During the project planning phase, the Goal module plays a crucial role in creating a project schedule that organises tasks, and deadlines in a logical order to ensure on-time project completion. Schedules in Goal typically include a timeline with start and end dates, dependencies, milestones, and the necessary work components required to achieve project deliverables. Using Gantt view, users can monitor project progress and identify milestone blockers with real-time analytics and warnings. 

The precise and detailed schedules generated through the Goal module can be easily shared with team members, thereby promoting collaboration among them with a centralised platform for managing tasks and schedules. By integrating Goal with other WayLoader modules such as Plan, users can access advanced features that optimise workflows and increase productivity, leading to improved project outcomes. 

Goal Module view
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