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Hierarchy of Roles
Schedule Owner
Schedule Viewer

Hierarchy of Roles

Effective teamwork and clear communication are crucial factors for achieving success in any project. To facilitate seamless coordination and minimize misunderstandings, we have implemented a well-defined hierarchy of roles within the Goal module. This hierarchical structure helps to clarify the specific responsibilities and expectations for each team member, ensuring that everyone understands their role and can contribute effectively to the project's goals.  


The Goal module has two roles: 

  • Schedule Owner  

  • Schedule Viewer 

Schedule Owner

The Schedule Owner has the autonomy to create a schedule for each project. This role is critical as it has complete control for making decisions regarding the scheduling of tasks and activities, along with necessary modifications to the schedule during the project's lifecycle. 


A Schedule Owner has the ability to create tasks, set timelines, create dependencies between tasks, and ensure the project is completed within the set timeframe. 


As a Schedule Owner it is important to remember to ensure an accurate, feasible, and realistic schedule that aligns with the project's goals and objectives. 


Note: Schedule Owner and above (Account Owner/Sub-Account Owner/Project Owner) has full view/edit rights of a project schedule in Goal. A project can have only one schedule. Any number of Schedule Owners and Schedule Viewers can have access to a project, as long as a Goal licence and correct roles has been assigned to the active users. 

Schedule Viewer

A person assuming this role will be able to view all the information and details contained within the project schedule. This role does not grant permission to edit any of the information in the project schedule. The option to modify details within a project schedule is only reserved for a  Schedule Owner and above.  

How to assign roles in Goal

Prior to designating a user as either a Schedule Owner or Schedule Viewer, the user will need to be assigned a Goal licence. To assign a role, navigate to the Project Settings and click the ‘Module’ > ‘Goal’ menu. From here you can select the ‘Assign New Role’ button and assign the role that the user on your project requires. 


If a user has been assigned a Goal license but has not been assigned Schedule Owner or Schedule Viewer roles, they will not be able to see any details on the project schedule, it will appear blank for them. 


The understanding of the hierarchy of roles within WayLoader is critical. Project Owner and those above it do not require any role assignments within the Goal module. This is because the Schedule Owner's role is a level lower in hierarchy than the Project Owner's. This means the onus of assigning the Schedule Owner and Schedule Viewer roles within the Goal module falls squarely on the shoulders of the Project Owner or higher-ups.  


Below is a diagram that explains the hierarchy of roles within WayLoader and the Goal and Plan modules. 

Marketing planning hierarchy example.png
How to assign roles
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