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Get 360° visibility across your Hospitality portfolio


Assign tasks to key personnel in your business

The hospitality industry can be quite complex, simultaneously juggling key responsibilities such as human resources, supply chain management and quality control. Trying to keep track of tasks that need to be done and who is responsible for each task can become quite a fragmented process.

WayLoader offers you the ability to assign tasks to key personnel in your business, providing you with a well-rounded view of business operations, at the same time giving accountability to your staff.

- Manage supply chain tasks, e.g. deliveries
- Group chats and conversations in a structured location
- Assign tasks and track progress
- Accountability on your team with live task updates e.g. rooms that have been serviced
- Instant messaging


The Problem & the Solution

In this example, WayLoader can provide the perfect vantage point of rooms that have been serviced and available in time for early check-in. Providing a housekeeping team with the WayLoader app can give them the ability to supply live updates of progress straight to the team at reception, allowing them to see an up-to-date view of what rooms are available. This live view will allow staff at reception to offer early check-in to visitors, leading to higher customer satisfaction.

Like most sectors, the hospitality industry operates on tight deadlines. For example, servicing rooms on time between checkout and check-in times can be a stressful job for all parties involved. Having a task management application that gives you a live view of house keeping progress could revolutionise the checking in process of your operation.

WayLoader Key Features

Gantt Planning
Task Management
Takt Planning
Resource Management
Instant Messaging
Live Location
Group Chats
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Grow your business with WayLoader 

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