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Roles and Permissions

Users and Roles

Invite people to collaborate on your site, and assign roles based on their expertise. Each role comes with a set of permissions, so you can control who can make changes to your account or a project. 

Team Members

Team members are the users of the project who are added to board users and assigned to a work item on that board. They do not have the right to complete a work item. They can only send a work item ''for approval' for a work item lead or someone higher to mark it as 'Complete' or 'Reject' it.  
Team members can raise issues, and can mark them as resolved. Team members do not have access to the settings area. They do not have add/edit/remove rights on work items, users, projects, boards. Team members have view only rights in the location managers where they can view all the areas within the site boundary. 

Work Item Lead

The work item owner and above can assign a work item lead. Work item lead is a delegated role and will be responsible to carry out the tasks, assigning resources, and monitoring progress on a specific work item. You will also be able to approve or reject a work item once it is marked as completed.

Work Item Owner

The person who is creating the work item will be assigned as the work item owner by default. A work item cannot be without an owner. If needed, the work item owner or above can replace the work item owner with someone else. The work item owner is like a supervisor who monitors progress on a work item and can change, update or delete the work item as well.

Board Owner

Once a board is created, the Project Owner and above will be assigned as board users by default. If needed, they can assign a Board Owner who will be overlooking the board. The Board Owner can also add/remove users, and create work items.

Project Owner

A Project Owner is a resource assigned to lead a project. Under this role you can add/remove boards and users in the assigned project, view access to everything and edit access to only the assigned project. You cannot add a new project or cancel an existing project.  

Sub Account Owners

Sub-accounts are under an existing account as a subsidiary or a location. Sub account owner is the head of that account and has access to all the rights that an account owner has but is only limited to that sub-account. The account Owner is still the top-level executive and has the right to view and edit any information for all the sub-accounts. 

Account Owner

The Account Owner is the head of an account (company) on WayLoader and has access to all the information in the account. Under this role you can edit the settings, add/remove and assign users, projects, accounts, licenses, and modules.  

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