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Get 360° visibility across your Public Sector portfolio


Drill down to individual tasks or zoom out for a holistic view of everything in your portfolio

Working in the public sector your risk is project delivery and typically your information on progress of your delivery is based on narratives and ad hoc reports. Implementing WayLoader will give you real-time updates and see potential roadblocks before they happen.

With WayLoader, you assign accountability and facilitate a space where your team and supply chain can collaborate and communicate instantly. WayLoader allows you to use this data to give you actual real-time reports on your delivery, to better mitigate your risks. 

- Manage Remote Staff
- Manage Field Staff with Mobile App
- Assign Tasks and Track Progress
- Accountability on Your Team and Supply Chain
- Geospatial View of your Portfolio
- Group Chats
- Instant Messaging


The Problem & the Solution

Define workspaces that are custom to your business. Give you and your team the perfect vantage point of your operations with a geospatial map view of your sector. Assign work items to your team and track in real time their progress and locations. Create structured group chats focused around each task for easy tracking of events.

You have a large team of engineers and subcontractors out in the field but no real visibility or overview of where they are and what they are working on. No easy way of monitoring live task progress with most of your communication done through unstructured Whatsapp groups.

WayLoader Key Features

Gantt Planning
Task Management
Takt Planning
Resource Management
Instant Messaging
Live Location
Group Chats
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Grow your business with WayLoader 

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