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Your project delivered in the most efficient way

Plan, organise, manage resources, assign tasks and track projects' progress in real-time using geofence technology

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your project management 

Reduce risk on your project by easily creating tasks, allocating resources, tracking project progress, and addressing constraints and blockers in real-time. 

WayLoader Plan project management

Visualise it your way

Map View

Visualise where your tasks are located using geolocation-based technology to monitor all details within the assigned locations in your project.

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Create detailed checklists for your team to carry out on project tasks. It facilitates and simplifies task management.

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Create boards for the different work packages on your project. Customise your view by using toggling on/off & pinning on/off features.

Customised Boards

Toggle on

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WayLoader Plan module customised boards pinned boards
WayLoader Plan module customised boards unpinned boards

Toggle off

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Built-in Approval 

  • Work Item Lifecycle States:  Draft, To Do, In Progress, Complete, For Approval

  • Ensure quality control in your project with the built-in approval process

  • Decrease the risk of project setbacks

  • Promote accountability and transparency in your project 

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