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Experience the power of intelligent document management with Docs Module - the smart solution that will simplify your project workflow

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Get your project on the fast track

In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, effective project documentation management is crucial for ensuring project success. Nail your project file management, storage, and approval with a potent and user-friendly document management tool. Create custom folders, standardise file naming, and collaborate with team members using markups, comments, and status approval stamps to keep track of your project's documentation.

Docs also smartly integrates with other WayLoader modules such as Plan and Asset, allowing you to link documentation to specific tasks and assets on-site for easy access by your team. Transform your project management process and achieve effective results that will reflect in the entire chain. 

Docs module is the ultimate solution to your project documentation challenges

Customizable folder creation for the seamless organization of project files.

Automated file naming system that standardizes file naming to save time and ensure consistency.

Team collaboration for effective results in the management documents flow.

Seamless integration with WayLoader modules such as Plan and Asset for easy access to linked documentation.

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Streamline your projects with WayLoader, the ultimate project management tool.

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