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Transform the way you manage your fleet. Use our connected map view to radically optimise your operations and reduce costs

The ultimate transportation management app

Fleet will enhance all aspects of your deliveries, from scheduling to tracking and asset management, all in one easy to use platform. Experience effective delivery and logistics management by prompting your drivers on directions and scheduled delivery times, particularly for large-volume deliveries. Utilize our traffic management solution, integrated with real-time routing updates to make the best decisions on the go. Live track your entire fleet with GPS and IoT technology for efficient routes and timely deliveries. Smart integration with all WayLoader modules, including Store and Asset for a comprehensive cradle-to-grave asset management solution. Increase your return on investment by improving the efficiency of your system with WayLoader's comprehensive delivery and logistics solution.

Drive your fleet towards efficiency and cost-saving 

Monitor drivers behavior, including eye-gaze and foot dynamics, body movement to gain insights about their performance and safety
Manage your fleet by using GPS and IoT technology to track the real-time location of vehicles
Intelligent route creation to avoid road  with problems and ensure timely deliveries 
Trace fleet maintenance to certify that vehicles stay in good condition and to reduce maintenance costs

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Streamline your projects with WayLoader, the ultimate project management tool.

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