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Stay ahead of the curve with Store - your all-in-one solution for agile and optimized fulfilment management

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Maximise your warehouse and tracking efficiency


With the rapid transformation in the world of fulfilment, businesses must adapt to stay ahead. Store module is a digital platform that provides comprehensive and optimised solutions for your warehouse management, inventory, and products tracing. Utilize the map view feature to define and develop spaces for your warehousing space management plan. Track inventory stockpiling and optimize your space with a laydown area. Our touchpoint solution allows you to easily tag and track returned, damaged or lost items, ensuring best-practice tracing of your products throughout their journey. By categorizing your materials as maintainable assets, the system integrates seamlessly with the asset module, providing advanced facilities management capabilities.

Designed to ensure maximum efficiency for your warehouse and inventory management

Enhanced warehouse space optimization via inventory tracking.

Streamlined tracking of returned, damaged, or lost items with touch point solutions.

Easy integration with Asset module for facilities management by defining materials as maintainable assets

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Streamline your projects with WayLoader, the ultimate project management tool.

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