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Get 360° visibility across your Software Development portfolio


Create a defined roadmap for your sprint

Working in software development can be challenging when managing both a team in an agile sprint environment as well as trying to align timeframes to the overall product roadmap. Implementing WayLoader into your workflow for software development aligns two of the most important verticals, the overall roadmap and the planning of your sprint.

With WayLoader you can create your roadmap with the correct personnel at epic level and push deadlines and milestones to a separate plan module to be managed by your product owner and development team. Give key stakeholders realtime updates on your roadmap with Goal module to inform customers of your progression.

- Roadmapping your vision with Gantt in Goal Module
- Push work items to planned sprints in Plan Module
- Review real-time progress of work item completion
- Instant chat functionality to resolve issues
- Blocker and constraint logging for immediate flagging of problems
- Assigning team members to tasks for full accountability
- Flags on late tasks to warn stakeholders of delays


The Problem & the Solution

Defining your epics and vision in the goal module and connecting this to stories and features in your plan module accounts for real-time progress and impacts of delays to your product release. Real-time chat and communication as well as emphasis on location offered in the Team module allow you better control and manage your team when working remotely.  

You have a large team of Software Developers who are only focused on the next sprint cycle with no real visibility on the impacts of delays and pushed stories to the next sprint.

WayLoader Key Features

Gantt Planning
Task Management
Takt Planning
Resource Management
Instant Messaging
Live Location
Group Chats
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Grow your business with WayLoader

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