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WayLoader Plus

Your spatial hub with advanced add-on layers, drone overlays and 360° camera views

WayLoader Plus is your add-on technical tool 

Giving you control of your spaces with real time geospatial data


360° Walkthrough Records

Using a 360° camera you can upload content to WayLoader for you and your team. Easily view live conditions for better analytics and reporting. Jump into a 360° view of your space to get in-depth views on our customisable map view.


Drone Overlays

Get a birds-eye view of your progress by flying a drone regularly across your site. Make more accurate decisions with drone analytics for you and your team.  Easily toggle on your drone overlays in our customisable map view to get the most out of your space.

GIS Layer Overlays

Wonder what utilities and services are close to your site? Wonder no more. Toggle on layers from our in-house library or request additional layers from our support team to give you the best tool for analysing your surroundings.


Connect Sensor Network

Do you have other wants and needs for integrations within our live map view of your space? Just ask! Our agile team of developers are on hand to assist in customising a solution that fits your business.

Integrate 360° walkthroughs and drone overlays and keep up to date with the latest conditions of your space

Unlock the power of IoT and smart spaces by connecting to a network of smart devices.


Unlock all your features and get the best from the WayLoader suite

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Instantly communicate with your team from anywhere with WayLoader Team


Schedule your milestones and get a bird's-eye view of your project's progress with WayLoader Goal



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