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Setting up your WayLoader Account

Creating a new account

Creating your account on the WayLoader is easy. If you are a new user with a new company to register, just go to Sign-up on the Homepage. You will need the information below to complete the sign-up:  
- Your First and Last Name  
- Phone number 
- Email Address 
- Company Name 
- Company URL  
By default, you are the Account Owner. You can add new Account Owners by going into the account settings.  

Joining an existing account

If you are a new user on WayLoader and wish to join an existing account, either you will send a request to the account owner or the account owner can send a request to you.
If you decide to send a request, please make sure you enter the name of the company in the Company Name section on the sign-up page. Once you have completed the sign-up, a new user request will be sent to the Account Owner via email.

If the Account Owner has already requested you to join, you will receive a sign up link on your provided email address. Please complete the sign up process using the link provided.  

If you are already signed up on WayLoader, the Account Owner will need to send you an invitation to switch to their company. Once you receive this invitation in your email, please click on the link to join the new company. 

Log-in settings

Existing users can Sign-in into their account by using their registered email and password.  You can set a new password by going to profile settings once logged in.  

Adding/Inviting Users to your account:

To invite new users to your account, please follow the steps below: 
1- Go to your Account Settings  
2- On the left-hand Panel go to Users 
3- Go to Invites in the Users section 
4- Click on Add New User on the top visible on the main page  
5- You can search for an existing user or Create a new user  
6- To create a new user, enter their email address   
7- An invite will be sent to the provided email address  
8- Once accepted, the user will be shown as an Active User in your account. 

Login settings
Adding users to acc
Create project

Create your first project

Once the account set up is complete, the account owner or the sub-account owner can start a new project. To do so, you will need to purchase a license. Creating a project and starting work on it is easy once you have the license. The following steps will guide you to do so:  
Click “Add Project” on the home screen of your WayLoader account. 

  • Select the location on the map where you want to start the project and click “Create Project Here” 

  • Then you have to create the site boundary. To do that, adjust the Polygon on the screen and click “Add Site Boundary”  

  • It will show a dialog box named “Add Project Details”. You can enter a unique project code and name.  

  • In case there are multiple accounts, select the account (company) you want to start the project under 

  • After the information is added and the account is selected, click “Add Project” 

  • By default the system allows you to create only one project without in the freemium version.  

Create board

Create your first board

A Board is where you manage all your work under a project. Once a project is started, board(s) can be created and the board owner(s) can be assigned. To start a project, you will need to purchase a license first. More details about licenses can be found in the Billing section.

Get the basics

You can create multiple boards to carry out different types of work under a project. Create boards and differentiate them by naming these boards, and assigning them codes and colours. You can also assign board owners to the boards to review the work being done. The board owner will have the ability to create and assign work items and add new users to the board

Board types

The account owner, sub-account owner, and the project owner can change board(s) ownership. A new board owner can be assigned from the existing team members. 

Changing board ownership

A work item is created when some work needs to be done for example procuring supplies. The work item owner or above can assign a Work Item Lead who will keep track and will complete the work item. The Work Item Lead can further assign tasks to team members to perform duties that will help complete the work item.

Work item
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