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Get 360° visibility across your Recruitment portfolio


Get real-time updates on your candidates and outstanding tasks across your team

It can be challenging in recruitment to understand what current tasks are and on what candidates you are currently working on geographically across multiple time zones. WayLoader offers you the capability to drill down to individual candidates or zoom out for a holistic view of all jobs across your portfolio.

With WayLoader, you assign accountability to your consultant and facilitate a space where your team can instantly collaborate and communicate.

- Assign tasks and track progress
- Holistic view of all jobs and progress across your portfolio
- Group chats and conversations in a structured location
- Instant Messaging


The Problem & the Solution

Creating geographical zones of your accounts or area where you are required to recruit staff gives your entire team a central hub view of all your projects across your portfolio. It gives you the ability to manage potential candidates based on preferred locations and areas.

You have multiple large accounts being managed by a team of consultants with candidates required in multiple locations geographically. There is no holistic view or hub where you can manage tasks assigned to each account or candidate. There is no platform for multiple recruiters and consultants to be conversing with the same candidate.

WayLoader Key Features

Gantt Planning
Task Management
Takt Planning
Resource Management
Instant Messaging
Live Location
Group Chats
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Grow your business with WayLoader 

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