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Manage your Way
using location-based technology

Create a community based visualisation and collaborative environment with WayLoader, a unique all-in-one business management platform. Boost productivity with an app made for every industry.

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"WayLoader is a location-based business management platform built to empower a connected and sustainable future by reducing risk across the lifecycle of your projects."

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Why choose WayLoader?

Optimise your business operations with real-time location deployment systems

Navigate and virtually tour your business
Geofence all your spaces 
Map view of your entire portfolio
Insert floor plans 
Manage logistics and deliveries
Easily demonstrate your portfolio

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Improve your business's efficiency with map and geofence infrastructure 

Your built-in geospatial hub gives you the best vantage point to manage your business. Map your surrounding world, indoor locations and venues in real-time with accurate, complete and up-to-date information

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Build a connected community by adding team members to your professional space

Visualise all your resources, from team members to your supply chain and view your work from a geospatial perspective. Instantly chat and collaborate on specific tasks, spaces or channels with a completely structured instant messaging hub.

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Select your preferred module that best suits your business needs 

Depending on your operational processes, you can choose from all or specific modules. WayLoader allows you to create the perfect space for all your projects and business needs.

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Add modules to unlock new features. 
Increase definition on map view with WayLoader Plus, our add-on technical tool

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Instantly communicate with your team from anywhere with WayLoader People


Schedule your milestones and get a bird's-eye view of your project's progress with WayLoader Goal

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Try WayLoader for free and experience the benefits

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