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Transform the way you manage your projects

All-in-one location-based business management application. 


Optimise your business operations

Add modules that fit your business needs




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WayLoader Plus

Upgrade to WayLoader Plus 

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Unlock the advanced features that WayLoader Plus has to offer

360° Walkthrough Records

Drone Overlays

GIS Layer Overlays 

Advanced add-on layers

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WayLoader Plus Project Management Geospatial

The ultimate management tool

The location-based platform that connects your business to the future

Replicate your real
world project

Create a community-based visualisation and collaborative environment with WayLoader, a unique all-in-one business management platform to boost productivity.

Customise your project on WayLoader Workspace

Navigate and virtually tour your business
Geofence all your spaces 
Map view of your entire portfolio
Insert floor plans 

Why WayLoader

Smartest location-

based project

management app

Customise the

management of 

projects your way

Free Training and

Support to easily

get started

Fastest growing project

management SaaS

solution in the industry

Try WayLoader for free

Streamline your business with WayLoader, the ultimate project management tool.

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