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WayLoader Construction Project Management Tool

As the construction industry continues to evolve, efficient project management becomes the cornerstone of success for businesses. WayLoader is an innovative construction project management tool which brings together a comprehensive range of features, catering to both the macro and micro project management needs allowing for seamless coordination from start to finish. From macro-level schedule management to micro-level task management, WayLoader empowers construction professionals to achieve unparalleled control and success over their projects.

WayLoader Construction Project Management

Unlike traditional platforms like Primavera P6 & Elecosoft Powerproject, where specialised personnel at a high level are required to operate these applications, WayLoader enables each individual on site teams to easily update and share their progress statuses, this crowd sourced data feeds into the higher level project schedule enabling for increased collaboration and real-time decision-making.

The intuitiveness and price point of the WayLoader is what makes it one of the best construction project management software in 2023. Let’s deep dive into different features of WayLoader’s modules and learn how this tool is superior from the rest in the industry.

Goal Module

WayLoader’s Goal Module offers a Macro-level project overview for informed decision making, it provides construction project managers with a holistic macro-level view of the project. Seamlessly integrated with a location-based interface, this module presents a pre-construction schedule overview, allowing managers to track milestones, identify potential bottlenecks and make informed decisions to improve project outcomes. With real-time updates and visual representations of project progress, WayLoader empowers managers to optimise timelines and allocate resources effectively.

WayLoader Goal Module

Plan Module

Plan Module of WayLoader streamlines Micro-level task management and collaboration on site. Through its intuitive interface, project teams can create shared plans and boards for various project aspects, such as construction work packages like procurement, electrical, mechanical and more. These boards serve as collaborative spaces where work packages can work within their disciplines and can track and update the status of tasks throughout their lifecycle, including stages like Draft, To Do, In Progress, Complete and For Approval.

For instance, teams can efficiently manage a wide range of tasks that take place on a on construction project, such as steel positioning, erection, painting and more. By updating task statuses, assigning responsibilities and tracking progress within Plan, teams can address challenges promptly, minimise delays and achieve synchronised execution. With WayLoader, construction teams have the tools they need to stay on top of all project tasks and achieve seamless coordination from start to finish.

WayLoader Plan Module

People Module

Facilitating efficient project communication and resource tracking on site, WayLoader's People Module acts as a central hub for formal communication and progress tracking among construction teams. By providing a collaborative environment, this module enables teams to discuss project details, share updates and resolve issues efficiently. Project managers can use this module to collaborate with site teams on delivery of tasks, track progress, and ensure adherence to schedules, fostering transparency and accountability. Through streamlined communication channels, WayLoader empowers teams to collaborate seamlessly and drive project success.

WayLoader People Module

Project Use Case

In this use case we will explore the typical communication workflow for updating construction progress using WayLoader on a large scale project.

Traditionally the master schedule would be managed by the general contractor by a single person, who would walk the site each week and get periodic updates from the site team via email or written reports. Separate schedules are generated to facilitate the last planner & weekly work plan process, with no direct links between the two schedules. However, WayLoader breaks down these barriers and provides a seamless link between the macro project schedule (Goal) and the micro level (Plan) required to manage day to day activities on site. WayLoader empowers collaboration and streamlines communication between the entire project, by linking macro and micro planning processes. The key to WayLoader’s success is unlocking the flow of communication from site based teams by providing a useful planning tool for the trades to manage and plan out their day to day activities.


Below is a typical interaction that demonstrates the flow of information between the master schedule to the on-site trade teams.

Within the Goal module (master Schedule) we have the tasks

  1. Data Hall 1 – High level Mechanical Services Install (duration 3 weeks)

This task would be hooked down to the Plan module to facilitate the 6 week look ahead schedule reviews and Last Planner process for the site teams. The Plan module would be configured into boards for each work package or trade. The board is then managed collaboratively by the general contractor and subcontractor trade leads.

The mechanical lead would use the board to manage his teams activities and split the task from the master schedule into sub tasks to allow the trades team to plan tasks in more detail to manage work crews day to day activities.

The above task could be split into multiple tasks:

  • Mechanical Crew 1 – Data Hall 1 / Bay 1 – High Level Containment

  • Mechanical Crew 2 – Data Hall 1 / Bay 1 – High Level Pipework Install

  • Mechanical Crew 3 – Data Hall 1 / Bay 1 – High Level Pipework Pressure Test

  • Mechanical Crew 1 – Data Hall 1 / Bay 2 – High Level Containment

  • Mechanical Crew 2 – Data Hall 1 / Bay 2 – High Level Pipework Install

  • Mechanical Crew 3 – Data Hall 1 / Bay 2 – High Level Pipework Pressure Test

The crews would use plan to manage their list of tasks and provide updates on task statuses using the WayLoader Plan mobile app out in the field.

Additionally the crew can highlight any road blocks or constraints they may encounter in the field such as incomplete works by predecessor trades that is preventing them from completing their task or send general messages relating to the activity. All information relating to the crews sub tasks are communicated directly up the line to the plan and goal modules. This allows real-time reporting of issues and updates from the field to the office.

WayLoader, Raising a road blocker

WayLoader Plus

Take your construction projects to new heights with the advanced features WayLoader Plus offers. Benefit from 360-degree walkthrough records, drone overlays, GIS overlays, and advanced add-on layers. Capture immersive site walkthroughs, gain aerial perspectives, analyse geospatial data, and customise your platform with specialised layers. With the geospatial features WayLoader Plus offers, you can transform how you manage progress:

  • 360-Degree Walkthrough Records: Capture immersive site walkthroughs using this feature which allows you to visually navigate through the project, providing a comprehensive overview of the site's progress. It enables effective communication with stakeholders, facilitates problem identification and supports informed decision-making for senior members of construction teams.

  • Drone Overlays: Gain a unique perspective of your site with drone overlays in WayLoader Plus. By integrating aerial imagery captured by drones, you can monitor remotely site progress, which is a crucial aspect for intricate, long-term global construction projects. Traditional on-site construction inspection typically involves the presence of one or more personnel overseeing fieldwork. However, drone construction inspection offers a safer and cost-effective alternative for assessing elements in fall protection areas and implementing necessary safety measures.

WayLoader Plus

  • GIS Overlays: This feature of WayLoader Plus integrates geographic information system data, which can superimpose critical geospatial information onto construction plans. The types of layers which can be represented a specific include land boundaries, infrastructure and environmental features. By overlaying these layers, construction professionals can analyse and visualise the spatial relationships between various elements, making informed decisions and enhancing project planning and management. GIS overlays can assist with spatial analysis, site selection, utility and infrastructure planning and environmental impact assessment.

  • Connect Sensor Network: WayLoader Plus assists site teams in having connected sensor networks on construction projects. Connect Sensor Networks are significant as they enable real-time monitoring and data collection, improve safety measures, facilitate efficient resource management, support predictive maintenance strategies, drive data-driven decision making, and enable remote monitoring and control.

These sensor networks provide valuable insights into the project's performance, allowing prompt issue identification and proactive measures. They enhance safety by detecting hazards and alerting workers, optimise resource usage through monitoring and conservation, enable predictive maintenance to reduce downtime, and support data-driven decision making through analytics. Additionally, remote monitoring and control capabilities allow project oversight and timely decision-making regardless of physical presence on-site.


WayLoader is a powerful construction project management tool which unlocks new possibilities for streamlined workflows and enhanced project outcomes. From its Goal module, offering a macro-level schedule overview of your project, to the Plan module, optimising micro-level task management & collaboration and the People module, facilitating effective communication and progress tracking. WayLoader empowers construction professionals with the tools they need for success. Embrace WayLoader to experience improved efficiency, seamless collaboration and unparalleled control over your construction projects. Chat to one of the team today to learn more about WayLoader!



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